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Hi Product Hunters! Here's a reward for all test drivers: Get Tripomatic Premium for 3 months, no strings attached. Just fill out this form: https://lukas29.typeform.com/to/.... Tripomatic Premium allows you to use Tripomatic offline on iOS and Android and unlocks alternative map layers.
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Hi there, I'd love to hear if there is anything you lack on Tripomatic to use it for planning your trips. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions.
@nevosadova you should look at an integration with Rome2rio for transport options http://www.rome2rio.com/
@nevosadova I spent quite a lot time on this to create a trip to Hong Kong and also tried inviting from Friend on it. I think this workflow is bit broken as once the new user has joined the trip. He/she is clueless and not able to think what to do NOW? Also, the new user us not able to see what kind of trip he or she has been invited to . You know like one shot glance at the trip. For example day 1 this, day 2 this etc. Hope this helps!
Wow!! This sounds interesting :) I travel solo extensively and would love to test this out. I've been using google docs, drive, maps, dropbox and bunch of other things for it but a niche app sounds good.
@nikunjagr Give it a try, I believe that Tripomatic is great for people who travel on their own. And please let me know your thoughts what we could do better.
going to test this tonight for my trip to Sri Lanka next week. been using google maps and taking screenshots then uploading to Evernote. This should save me time!
@samdickie87 Great! If you encounter any issues, please let me know.
@nevosadova will do! Thanks
Ohhh i'm going to SF at the end of the month - I'm going to give this a try. :)
@amandacnagy Have a great trip and please let me know what your experience with Tripomatic was!