Hire engineers by measuring their ability, not credentials

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I've known @harjeet for quite some time and couldn't be more excited for how this is going to solve the biggest challenge that faces growing companies -- identifying talent.
Hey guys, founder here. Would love your feedback on what we're trying to do. Specifically, we're really interested in any thoughts on how to make technical interviews less adversarial and more effective at gauging ability to productive write code.
@harjeet Hi Harj, a couple quick questions. 1) I've read Cracking The Coding Interview and have done a bunch of the exercises. I feel like I know a big chunk of the parlour trick questions that interviewers will ask me. How do you think your interview questions will be different? 2) I'm an iOS consultant and mostly work on 12 week long engagements. Usually helping clients get to MVP or v1. I work remote. I have a couple lead generation people help me find these contracts. Are you guys working on that use case, too? Or are you guys focused on long term placement?
@kaler Hey Parveen, thanks for the questions! 1) We talked to Gayle the author about this (she's fantastic, I'd recommend anyone read her book). We're trying to steer clear of only using brain teaser/algorithm questions in our interviews and focus more on actual coding. Either by coding with a candidate in real time (we know that can be stressful but we have some thoughts e.g. using pseudo code and making it clear we don't expect the code to run perfectly) or talking through code they've written in the past. The latter is is our preference but we also want to be careful not to biased against engineers who can't share their code because it's owned by their former/current employer. 2) We're just focused on long term placements I'm afraid. We're investing a lot of time with each candidate so for our business to work, the end result has to be a long term placement.
@harjeet Like the site. Accidentally clicked I don't know on a question though and there was no way to undo it.
@shimmb Ah sorry about that. It's cool though, we're not using this as a skill test, just to filter out people, so it won't matter. Thanks for signing up!
@harjeet I think recruiting is probably the first or second (after financing) most valuable service accelerators can provide. I'm surprised more accelerators are not providing a concerted service like yours. Will you see yourself expanding your service or will you just focus on YC. Also how will you test for desire, fire, ability to get stuff done vs. just technical skills?
+100 for this. Some of the most talented engineers I have had the pleasure of working with over the years have not had a conventional CS background/degree.
Congrats on the launch, @harjeet. We've grown the team to 13 full-time at Product Hunt and hiring has become an increasingly important part of my job. I rarely look at resumes and when I do, I scan the headlines. What companies are currently hiring through Triplebyte and do you do all the technical interviews/qualification upfront before connecting candidates with startups?
@rrhoover Hey Ryan! Yep we do the technical interviews upfront before connecting candidates to startups and we show the startups what things that engineer is strong at (and how we figured that out). We're working with any YC company that is hiring, including you guys, will send a note about sending over candidates :)
I can't wait to use this when I graduate in two years! What are your thoughts on internships?
@jackrometty We're definitely planning on doing internships at some point. We're focusing on full time positions right now just for focus, ping me your email and I'll let you know when we do!