Visual editor and more - for self-hosted forms and surveys

Tripetto is a form kit to rapidly create and deploy smart flowing forms and surveys. Drop the kit into your codebase to get everything you need, and own your own data.

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Hello Owen and Product Hunt, Thank you for hunting us! We're excited to share what we've been working on for a while now with you all, and hope you'll try it for yourself. We built Tripetto for developers, and call it a 'full-fledged form kit' for creating and deploying all kinds of forms inside their applications. It's extra useful for forms and surveys with clever flows and sophisticated logic. But most of all, we've focused on addressing a problem we saw repetitively: developers needing to implement their own form builders in custom applications over and over because tools like Typeform and SurveyMonkey aren't compatible with a need to host the code yourself. Developers can drop our form kit into their codebase and use all of it, or just the parts they need. It also comes with documentation, examples, boilerplate code and more. We don't host or store anything (Hello, GDPR!), so developers are in charge of where their data lives, what's retained and how they choose to implement it. A 'too long, didn't read' of the three components are: EDITOR The visual editor is for end-users to create simple or infinitely complex forms on a self-organizing drawing board. It visualizes form building blocks and form flows in 2D, and it simplifies using logic. The editor works on all major platforms, with both touch and mouse input, and runs as a stand-alone tool you host, or seamlessly integrated into applications. - Demo: - Docs: COLLECTOR The collector library is for form deployment and response collection. It runs the forms and surveys created with the editor, handling all logic and response delivery - essentially the front-end magic, and infinitely customizable. Developers can build their own UI for it, or use one of our templates for React, Angular, Material-UI, Bootstrap and more. - Demo: - Examples: - Docs: SDK The TypeScript SDK is for developing customized form building blocks to extend Tripetto far beyond its default capabilities. With custom blocks developers can hook our form kit up to anything, making forms and surveys ever more sophisticated. They can build them from scratch, alter default blocks or jumpstart a custom build with our boilerplate. - Examples: - Docs: --- We believe good forms are smart forms. And we're excited to see what you do with Tripetto. Have a look at the benefits of using the kit at Or read more about the origin of Tripetto on Medium at Please let us know what you think, or if you need help. - Mark / Martijn P.S. The stand-alone editor, the collector and the SDK are all free, as is integrating the editor for personal, academic and evaluation purposes. Integrating the editor into business applications requires a paid license.
This looks extremely interesting. Wondering about all the file types it can handle?
Hello @stuli1989, thanks! We think it is πŸ˜‰ What do you mean with file types? Tripetto uses a form definition to store the structure of a form. Form definitions (read about it here are created by the visual editor and consumed by the collector. If you implement Tripetto in your software, you should decide what to do with the form definition. Either save it to disk on a server, store in a database, etc. This part is up to you. But maybe you meant something else?
@stuli1989 @mvandenbrink81 I think she means images, text, multiple choice, etc?
@stuli1989 @mvandenbrink81 @igdaloff If that's what she means, then I can confirm that we currently offer a default set of question types that mostly just align with the standard HTML fields. You can find these at anytime. We'll keep adding to this list. But more importantly, people can develop their own question types (we call them building blocks) with the SDK. That way, almost anything is possible. We have a boilerplate to jumpstart developing custom building blocks. Find this at to get going.
This looks promising, the ability to extend it is awesome. The pricing is what threw me off. 3,500 euros to be able to use in one single project? This pricing seems insanely high which will keep most of your mid to small business away.
Thank you for the feedback @tostartafire! Just curious. What do you think is a fair price for a mid/small size business that wants to integrate our editor into their software?
@mvandenbrink81 I'm not sure to be honest, but this pricing only makes sense to me, if I'm either enterprise size (where money is not an issue), or my business revolves around one app that really really depends on forms (so it would be a one time investment) For instance, I used to work for a very profitable but small development agency. We would make about $20k+ per job, and yet we would never consider paying this price because forms are only part of the project, and as I see, we would need to spend the same amount again on the next project. So I think the question is, what audience you were thinking about when you structured your pricing?
@tostartafire Thanks again for your feedback. Before we dive a bit deeper into this, I just want to be sure we're on the same page. You're talking about scenarios in which the editor itself would also be integrated into other applications (for clients), right? Not just the forms that are created with the editor. The latter is free no matter what, as is the use of the stand-alone editor for creating forms and our templates, SDK and docs. Only integrating the editor itself into other applications requires a license per project.
I just discovered this product and... Damn.. THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN TYPEFORM and every other damn form platforms (free & premium) out there 🀯🀯🀯 How can there be only 189 upvotes on this product?!??!!!!!