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Hey everyone! I’m co-founder and CEO of Trigger Finance, which I’m thrilled to share with you today :) Trigger is simplifying the world of stock investing by reducing everything to an “IF THIS, THEN THAT” statement, called a ‘trigger’. You can create triggers to track all sorts of things happening in the market -- for example, if a stock drops suddenly, or if Apple announces earnings at a certain level, or if the Fed is raising interest rates. You can use Trigger to be notified (in real-time) when important events affecting your portfolio occur, and in the future, can execute automated trades through our platform. We currently integrate with 8 different brokerages (including Fidelity, and TDAmeritrade) for account read-access. We hope to expand this list in the future (looking at you, Robinhood!). Our mission is to help the individual investor take a more disciplined, rules-based approach to managing their portfolio. Please help us deliver on that promise by giving us your feedback! Please let us know if you have any questions - we’re here to answer them, Rachel
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@waichi3 Why did you start working on this -- what's the superhero backstory?
@tomfme Hey there! I used to be an algo trader on Wall Street trading currencies and rates. When I went back to school for my MEng in CS (where I met my co-founders), I realized that tools for investing outside of the institutional market were lackluster and expensive. Furthermore, I wanted to share the lessons I learned from being a trader, primarily investing with discipline through rules, to every individual investor out there. That's why we created Trigger, to remove the emotion out of your investments.
@waichi3 hi Rachel. Is robinhood holding you back or is it just a matter of time?
I LOVE this app. The If this then that concept is super smart, and makes it much easier for me to watch the market from my phone. +1 to a Robinhood integration!
@turbahn Thanks Itai!
+1 for Robinhood integration. This really would put powerful financial tools in the hands of the people. Great idea for an app though!
@hypecraft Thanks, Marshall! We would love to support a Robinhood integration in the future.
Awesome job putting the app together !
@avatchinsky Thanks, Adrian! Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions. :)
cool. i've previously used the Stocks channel built into IFTTT, but i'll check this out
@_jacksmith Thanks! We <3 IFTTT at Trigger. A couple of key differences: First, we use real-time stock market data from Nasdaq, while often times other feeds are delayed by 20 mins. This difference can be important to some investors. Second, we allow you to trigger on other data streams that are market relevant, such as economic events and corporate fundamentals. We are focused on expanding this list to include different types of data that are correlated to most portfolios. Finally, in the future, you will have the ability to trade automatically and directly within the app once your triggers get fired.
@waichi3 @_jacksmith Great! I have used the Stocks channel on IFTTT as well but found it to be lacking with its delay in notifying simple upward or downward stock movements which would have allowed one to take decisions quickly and had to abandon using it. This seems to be a great solution by ensuring the information is useful at the precise time. I have noticed Robinhood making great strides in reporting the movement of the stocks in the watchlist as push notifications at the precise moments of the swing. How do you intend to carve out a niche as Robinhood starts to build its tools to enable faster decision making for its users? I find your second point above relevant to the question I have but wanted to learn on how you intend to balance on choosing & converting the data streams into useful information as they could either indicate a long term trend (which gives a bit of runway to make a decision on investing) or of short term spikes. Which kind of data streams would you first intend to integrate?
@harshinde @waichi3 Hello! Co-founder here. Thanks for the thoughtful question and feedback on Trigger! A few points in response to your questions - I hope that they're helpful: 1) Though not finalized, the next data streams we intend to integrate could include currencies (incl. crypto) and commodities. Other streams that have been requested include everything from weather feeds, Twitter sentiment, and alerts on the SEC's Edgar database. While the possibilities are endless, our priority at this point is to simply provide the streams that Trigger users ask for most. 2) Our intention is to make Trigger broadly available to all retail investors, so we've integrated with 8 brokers (including TDAmeritrade, Fidelity, and eTrade) and hope to expand that list in the future. 3) Lastly, our belief is that the potential utility of triggers is enormous, and largely untapped to date. Imagine chaining together multiple triggers into a single strategy; the potential for learning and experimentation is endless (in our humble opinion!). Thanks again!