Invite your friends to simultaneously take pictures

Mourad here, co founder of Tricy! Very pleased to be featured on PH today 🙌 We are 4 french guys, who love tech and apps. Few month ago we left our jobs and started the Tricy adventure. We wanted to build a fun product that brings people together. Inspired by great products like Instagram, Cluster and Tribe, we believe that photos are the best way to do that. As has well described Fred, Tricy is about connecting with your friends wherever they are. No more « What’s up? Where are you? » by text or messenger, with just a tap, you can trigger a photo on your friends’ phones and see what everyone is doing right now! We are looking forward to read your feedback, critics or ideas. It’s really important to us. By the way, if you want to become a beta tester, get in touch with me at: If you try our app but found zero friend on Tricy, add me (username: tawak)! I’ll be happy to be your friend and take photos with you across the globe 📷 Cheers
Love this idea, really simple. Invite friends, start a countdown and everyone takes a picture together - the app then puts these photos together. I'd be interested to hear from the makers what the go-to-market strategy is and how they get friends on board.
Thank you @fredsoneya we are very glad to be here on PH today 🙌
I'm a alpha user since few months now and the idea/UX are very cool amazing Furthermore, the team behind Tricy is amazing! Congratulations guys
Thanks to testers like you, we will bring Tricy to the next level 🚀
@tawak_m great idea and great product!
@tawak_m I really like the simplicity of the app. I can see it being an effective anti-FOMO tool for friends. Do you see the product evolving to a point where users would have the ability to charge a small fee to access new filters, stickers?
Thank you @lucchaissac we are working hard to make Tricy better every day. You can already add stickers. For free! Swipe before taking a photo and you’ll see the stickers available (iPhone only… sorry 😞). I’m just about to add a Product Hunt Special sticker 😛 Stay tuned! By the way, add me on Tricy 📷 (search: tawak)