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@espitia7 - love the concept of building a social experience to encourage positive habits. That said, this has been tried in different ways many times. What inspired you to build this? Reminds me of Complete (RIP, cc @jtzou).
@rrhoover @jtzou Hi Ryan! Indeed it has. I actually took a shot at the problem with another app - Habit Streaks. It was a simple habit tracker which lead me to build Tribes. The full story (5 min read) is here: Creating habits is hard in it of itself and doing it by yourself is even harder. So I took another approach at the problem. Using your friends as accountability partners. Although some apps have used the community factor too, I felt they mimic'd popular apps with feeds and likes. Tribes focuses on bringing that sense of commitment and awareness with your close friends a.k.a. your tribe!
@espitia7 Howe does this compare with
@chrismessina hi chris! uses personal coaches or a community to help you achieve your goals. Tribes uses your close group of friends as accountability partners. While I haven't tried's personal coaching, I did try their app. It is a great app with an amazing UI (kudos to designers). But I felt that a community of unknown people supporting me wasn't as effective as my close buddies pushing me and vice versa. That's the core difference.
Hello everyone, I wrote a short article on how I came to the idea of Tribes here: I also made a 1 minute video explaining what Tribes is about here:
I'd love any feedback I can get. Cheers!
@espitia7 Download it , but delete it jsut after, and the reason is that can't do anything without giving you access to my contacts which is very weird for an app based on habits, what if i want to join tribe already there ...
@otymix Hi oty! I apologize for making it feel like Tribes is intruding. The only reason we ask for contacts permission is so you can add your friends to your Tribe. I'll be sure to explain it better with our next release. Your idea is great though. We do plan on having public Tribes so people can join without needing to create a Tribe with friends in the near future. Thank you for the genuine feedback :-)
@espitia7 you're wolcome, would be on of the first users once you have it for public tribes ;-) i'll follow on twitter to get updated , nice concept anyway ;-)
Guys you need a better explainer this one is looking very cheap
@m3tthew Hi Matt! Thank you for your feedback. What exactly is it about the video that makes it look cheap? Too short? Voice over? Thanks!
@espitia7 Mostly designs and a smoothness of animation. VO is ok. length is also good, you can even make it shorter
@m3tthew will work on that for the next video, thanks! I have to admit I did make the video myself on a minimal budget.
@espitia7 @m3tthew I think it look good enough to get users to try your product. Yes, you wont wind any awards with the vid but i love the fact you kept it scrappy and made it yourself.
@aaron_altscher thank you Aaron! That was the idea, good enough to convey the idea.
K. so I think for this type of thing to be massively successful it should take advantage of two types of integrations. * Google Calendar * SMS integrations. SMS is pretty sticky and knowing people's time is relevant to building habits. I think the form factor of the app is wrong, but the problem you're tackling is massive/huge/ridiculously large.
@datarade Hi Kumar, I agree. The problem is massive. I think everyone can relate to trying to get in the habit of exercising for example. We could all use a little help towards it. Thanks for your feedback. Could you explain in a bit more detail how to integrate SMS? I didn't completely understand :(