Tribe of Five

The power of accountability to build better habits

As fellow entrepreneurs, we know how important it is to be more productive and focused every day and a big part of that comes from developing daily habits and routines. Successful entrepreneurs invest in their habits

Introducing the...


You choose the challenge. We'll find you the perfect accountability buddies!

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It would be better if I could write a custom challenge and invite my friends, instead of picking one of the three options and being matched with random people.


Accountability works, so the idea is nice


Only 3 pre-defined challenges; can't invite friends

Hey @jianinglai, What was your inspiration for building this? Have you ever tried Product Hunt Makers?
@jacqvon I've not tried Product Hunt Makers but will check it out! The reason I'm working on this is because I believe there will always be times when you a little external accountability to get started on something new (like reading more, or journaling, or working on your side hustle, etc). However, I also know that most of the time, we won't have the right kind of accountability buddies in our immediate network. And that means most of us work on our goals alone... But I KNOW that outside of my immediate network, there are TONS of people who have the same goals I do, yet they are also working on them alone too! So I want Tribe of Five to be that place where I can meet these people, and to actually hold each other accountable day-in-day-out to take action, and to help each other get better along the way. Hope that helps!
I like the concept. However, can't upload photo, or leave the page of joined tribe, so I'm stuck on one page :P
@loci That is so awkward...taking a look now!
Reminds me of T-Mobile Fave Five 😄
@rrhoover oh man, a blast from the past! Now imagine that T-Mobile Fave Five concept, but instead of calling each other to gossip, you are checking in with each other on Tribe of Five to make sure everyone is following through and working on their goals ;)
That waiting page feels like page of death. Your two options is to leave or update your profile. Why can’t you go back to main page and apply to different tribes
@pzaleckis - thanks for the feedback. We need to be more clear that you can only join one 30 day challenge at a time. You are right that this can be jarring if you weren't aware and were just kicking the tires to explore what each challenge is. The reason we do that is because we believe it's best to work on ONE new habit at a time. That way, you don't let a slip up on habit "A" derail you on habit "B". I'll email you and remove you from the challenge (have to do it on the backend for now) if you wanted to do another one!