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Hi folks! As some of you may have noticed, Tribe shifted from asynchronous to synchronous messaging 2 months ago using fully in-house technology. Since then, the team has been heads down polishing this first prototype. We quickly realized that there are many pain points people experience everyday when video calling others, especially from Skype and Hangouts. Ask anyone, people are not fully satisfied with these old (but legendary) products. Whether it’s kids at school, spread out families, or teammates at work, they all agree that they use these services by default. Skype, Get Your Shit Together by @alex Microsoft needs to fix Skype by @tomwarren Here are the results of our experiments to improve the video calling experience. It’s available now on your mobile devices (iOS & Android), as well as from your desktops (Chrome & Firefox) where you can start a group video call in one click, without any account, for free. Create your first call link now on! We hope you’ll get rid off Skype/Hangouts-induced headaches. 👼 PS: We've also extended the experience for Slack lovers!
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@cyrilpaglino @ldesserrey guys you are way too good at building products and great UX, I feel ashamed of posting mine on PH.
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@rhaivimies @ldesserrey haha c'mon 🙈 thanks for the love - see you soon Dude!
Can't really compete with Skype on the entreprise segment (same with hangout) which is usually where the traction is for group video calls. As to call your family or friends / it seems users still prefer to use their messaging apps as their first intent: be it Messenger, Whatsapp etc... So it would be interesting to see how this behaviour could massively switch towards video apps like Tribe. Personally I'm still pissed by the number of texts and requests sent/received to/by my friends (now I even receive sms-requests from people I don't even know...). So I won't be using Tribe again. You can't hack growth using spams and then pretend it's a bug, we've all been through that process and we all know the story. Good luck with the pivot, the technology (despite the crappy marketing) looks neat.
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How are you competing with the likes of Houseparty and more recently, Cabana from Tumblr? Blab was obviously big in this space of browser group calls and did not get the success they aimed for, how do you plan to not have the same fate? Unrelated Q: A while ago I had lots of pushback from my friends saying I'd sent them invites to Tribe on Facebook - this was a seemingly a bug or a growth hack as I hadnt actively sent anyone anything. I heard the same from a number of people too Have these issues been resolved?
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About the unrelated Q, it was a glitch, 100% over since a while, no risk :) About Houseparty, its a great place to hang but it isn’t designed to chat with specific persons. I personally don't like when an unexpected people jump in my convo'. What we're trying to build is the best tool to use when you want to chat with someone in particular, either specific group or one - one. Skype is still a 400M active users platforms, but as i said earlier, no one using it is happy :/ We're trying to change this, and being platform agnostic and easy to share (link) is necessary 📞
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@cyrilpaglino Haha, I've fought the same battle, only from within Skype for 3 years. Then I quit.
From day one, I fell in love with the UX/UI of Tribe's app. Literally. I have met @cyrilpaglino and the amazing team behind it and I have understood why this app is such amazing. Started to use it from my different Slack's channels, I am wondering if there are some rooms available on your roadmap for adding the "book room name" feature and maybe put back the text message on. I still have some issues calling people when I did not set it up with them before. I know it's crazy but real! Especially when I can see my friend online on the app, I know they are already in discussion with someone else. #my2Cents Anyway, Keep this up, guys! You're legends!
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@vtllr That's interesting topics @vtllr! We already have some hints about these two topics you just mentioned. Stay tuned! 😙 Bless up buddy! 🤘
It's Piper Chat !!! 🙌
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@emmanueldarmon up you go! Related @tim_lb -> No terms and conditions or privacy policy anywhere on web, not afraid that's going to be a problem?