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CyrilPaglino — Building @HeyTribe
Hi Guys!
Remember us?
We were here on Product Hunt 9 months ago.

Since then, we’ve been heads down working on an even more powerful and convenient version of the original Tribe. We just released Tribe 2.0 a few hours ago on the App Store and Play Store. We are also announcing our $3m seed round, led by the great folks at Sequoia Capital.

Take a quick look at the video we’ve created from our hacker house that efficiently sums up what Tribe 2.0 has to offer our users:

Over the past 9 months since our Product Hunt debut, we have quietly grown the team from 4 to 9 and experimented with different types of technologies.
We are continuously testing new messaging patterns, so feedback based on your experiences with Tribe 2.0 is very much appreciated.

Go ahead and feel free to send us a few Tribe messages right now, we’d love to chat with you and hear what you have to say!

Rhai  — CEO @SOUNDS_App
@cyrilpaglino best product team in the game, congrats 🎉

It really feels like magic!
brryant — co-founder, webflow
@cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo Congrats on the new version, and on the round!
CyrilPaglino — Building @HeyTribe
@rhaivimies Many thanks Rhai!!
Laurent Desserrey — Design at Tribe, Snapchatters, Leak
@bryantchou Yaaay! And the website is made on webflow 👊🏼 A more detailed version is coming 👐🏼
Joris RENAUD — Co-founder @Eduvoices
@cyrilpaglino congrats on the new release and the round. Awesome team 😀
Jeremy Cai — founder @OnboardIQ early @Shyp
@cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo congrats man - all the best to you. Keep up the hard work! :)
Rahul Ramchand — Botmonster 🔥
@cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo You guys are killing it. Fucking Awesome.
CyrilPaglino — Building @HeyTribe
@jjeremycai @c @laurent @rymo Yeahh thanks dude!!
Adithya Shreshti — Founder of Startuposphere
@cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo Such a beautiful app to try out and use. Cheers to the team behind. Used on Moto G4 Plus.

- Doesn't work on iPhone 5s for some reason - the moment I open the app, the phone becomes unresponsive and the app crash after few seconds.
@cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo I like how it says "improve your appearance" and then his face gets pixelated.

But this looks great and congratulations on the seed round!
nicolas bradier — iOS Lead @ Tribe
@adithya First of all, many thanks for the support on the app!! About the iPhone 5s, could you tell me what OS is it running on ? And the crash happens when you're on the Introduction screen right ? You never signing in on the app with this phone right ?
Jake Mor — ios and web //
@cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo this is fucking fantastic.
Dillon Liang — Analyst, Black Diamond Ventures
@cyrilpaglino congrats on the new release and the funding round! Great product👍
Sirio Zuelli — CTO, Wallame Ltd
@cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo Congrats for the seed! May I know your business model? Thanks.
@cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo well done guys, the new version is awesome! great work!
Shy Rosenzweig — GM - Monyx
@cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo congrats! looks great
Joël Galeran — Co-founder Fontself Make your own fonts!
Aidan Wolf — I make apps.
This is one of those rare, really rare, "I didn't know I wanted it until I got it" features. Amazing.
Laurent Desserrey — Design at Tribe, Snapchatters, Leak
@aidan Huhu, I know this feeling! 🍫
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