Tresorit 3.0

End-to-end encrypted file sync & sharing for your team

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I was very interested in this product, but as soon as I read "we offered a bounty [...] No one succeeded" I got a little scared off. That item is #9 on Bruce Schneirer's list of warning signs for cryptography snake oil.
@davor_se Hi, please check the insights on how Tresorit's security is designed: If you have any questions about the details, we would be happy to chat.
@davor_se You should really take a look at their white paper ( I believe Schneirer is commenting more-so on proprietary encryption algorithms, which are not available to the public or open source, therefore relying more on "security through obscurity." Tresorit does not fall into this category, as they use RSA-2048 and AES-256, both publicly published and standardized encryption algorithms. (@istvanlam please correct me if I'm wrong) EDIT: I just want to add I've been using Tresorit for about a year now, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Excited to see what @istvanlam rolls out for Tresorit in the future.
@cp_bagley @davor_se It is all true - we are only using standard crypto. Also, the crypto libs are opensource - you can check which libraries we are building on @
An other Hungarian founder @istvanlam ! It's rare to see Hungarian makers out here
Awesome product and technology. I especially love the SDK of Tresorit, that allows to implement client side encryption in your web app really simply. I've been prototyping with their javascript 0_kit SDK and I only have good things to share!
@clementc We've just launched the public beta: - would be happy to hear your thoughts!
How is this different from / better than / complimentary to @DocSend? @Tresorit @istvanlam
@elizabethhunker @docsend @tresorit @istvanlam I'm not entirely familiar with DocSend, but to my understanding Tresorit and DocSend target very different use cases. DocSend is primarily a method for document handling and analytics, whereas Tresorit is an encrypted file-storage service. Although, Tresorit does provide you the ability to manage document access and distribution, that's not the main focus.
@cp_bagley @elizabethhunker I think, @docsend is complementary to @tresorit. As far as I know, @docsend has access to the encryption keys for your document. @tresorit does not. So, if you want to have detailed analytics of a document, you may want to wrap a document with @docsend, and to securely store it, you can put it into @tresorit. You may also consider DRM in @tresorit, but it provides less analytics than @docsend