Page speed monitoring made easy πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Building fast websites is hard, but in 2018 page speed is a must as it improves sales, conversion, and SEO.

Treo is designed to prove the effectiveness of the optimizations you deploy.

By combining modern tooling with the power of data visualization, Treo provides evidence of fast web experience and helps you build performant websites.

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This looks really nice @alekseykulikov_ πŸ™Œ What makes it better than many other monitors that exist?
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@amrith thank you! What makes Treo better is: - Simple metrics focused on the user's experience. Traditional tools provide metrics like onLoad, DomContentLoaded, assets size. In 2000 they were fine, but in the era of complex SPA they are no longer relevant and could be misleading as an optimization target. - Powered by excellent Google's Lighthouse. It's a powerful tool which provides a lot of insides on web page quality, and Treo is deeply integrated with it. - Focus on good visualization (I'm a big Tufte fan). Page listing with a small preview, Long Tasks HeatMap, Metrics distribution. A quote from Paul Irish from Chrome's Team "This visualization of long tasks is crazy valuable. Nice one." - Affordable pricing. Compare with Pingdom or SpeedCurve, Treo is 2-5 times cheaper. It's affordable for Solo developers and hackers with the $29/month plan for monitoring of 10 pages.
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Great job !! 😊Looks interesting
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Well done, man! I really like your UI and the metrics, that you chose to show. Can't wait to see it taking off. You deserve it!
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@makarochkin Max, thank you for your kindness!
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Great stuff, looks really interesting and I really like the key selling points yoou are offering! We will definitely use it at some point for our landing!
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@baptistedebever thank you! If you have any question or would like to have a quick call, just let me know!
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Performance Tester here. Free plan helps me to evaluate your product in-depth :)
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@naveenkumar hi! Treo provides a 14-day free trial. I would be happy to hear feedback from expert like you, just contact me via email.