Trendy Sound Effect Editor

Add sound effects to your videos in just a few clicks

Trendy Sound Effect Editor is the easiest way to add funky sound effects to your video. Just upload a video or paste a link, and then add sound effects to your video where you want them! Then, create the video and share it to your favorite social network.

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Hi Product lovers! Very excited to introduce the Trendy Sound Effects Editor 😸😸Our collection of 30+ modern sounds from Kendrick to Chewbacca make clips hilarious. Just upload your video, add sound effects, and download to share, all from your browser for free!! We wanted to help make more lolz videos with the trendiest sounds from this year. Check it out! The Sound Effects Editor is the latest addition to the Kapwing family. So excited to see the videos y'all make 😻
Funny. There are tons of apps and webs related to picture effects. Good to see something related to sound.
@csaba_kissi Right - these sounds are like memes themselves in audio form. Trendy Sound Effects gives content creators a new way to spice up video. Any ideas about how we could improve the site?