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A set of creative templates for your 404s

#5 Product of the WeekJune 14, 2019
Don't let your 404 page be an afterthought! Here's a curated, homemade collection of trendy images you can use for your next project. Hope your users enjoy a delightful experience, even if they do end up with a 404.
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Hi PH friends! Proud to share this free, homemade collection of trendy 404 page illustrations. We've always thought that 404 pages are a terrible part of the internet - it means that the user is hitting a dead end in their experience. But, that doesn't mean that they can't have a surprisingly delightful experience even in the face of getting a 404. We put together this small collection of trendy 404 images so that it could help you in your next project - hope you enjoy! 🎉 Enjoy! Eric
404 pages have never been so exciting! I am definitely using this in my next project. :)
@mrigankpawagi1 haha, thanks for the love, Mrigank! Any ideas for other illustrations that you'd like to see?
@realericlu I really like all your illustrations! How about adding some with robots or other Broken machinery? Also, it would be even more exciting if you could make animated GIFs out of these!
@julia_roma Thanks Julia! Do you have a favorite?
Every time I'm building a new site I hit Google for creative 404 ideas. This is an awesome collection that I'll definitely refer back to.
@jarrod_morris Awesome, so glad that it's useful!
Sweet! Adding to my list.
@thisiskp_ Awesome! Can you share the rest of your list? Would love to see your other PH favorites.