Weekly challenges aiming to connect the world in a fun way

The social media is growing day by day. We all see challenges getting viral such as ALS Icebucket challenge packed with awareness, or even fun ones such as harlem shake, where users share their emotions and get to challenge each other. But as you see, those challenges just come and go, some of them get lucky enough which results them to be viral, but others just don’t. So what is missing? A platform to gather up everyone, adding awareness and fun combining with a ranking system and calling it Trendoline. So what is Trendoline? Trendoline is a platform which will generate weekly and pop challenges aiming the world to connect in a fun and emotional way with just pictures and videos shared by the users! We are all curious, don’t you want to see how a person from Singapore or Peru does celebrate the Mother’s Day? Let’s make it even better. Don’t you want to race with everyone and create the most astonishing picture and be the winner where everyone is equal, being famous does not give you any credit? Imagine a challenge, dirty white, where everyone gets to go back to his/her childhood. Where you just have to wear, a white t-shirt get outside play in the mud, have some fun with your friends and get dirty. Or a challenge where you just eat like a 2-year-old. By that, you will not just race with the world, you will also experience every culture, food, fun, everything! So, what are you still waiting for? Join the challenge and let the fun begin! Let’s make a change! Trendoline, take and share your photos on any desired social media platform, challenge your friends and the world Welcome to Trendoline, challenge the moment with the world.
Definitely going to try this.
@gavid_dold cheers for that :)