Trello Power-Ups Directory

A new way to discover, enable, and manage Power-Ups

Trello Power-Ups Directory is a brand new way to discover, enable, and manage Power-Ups on your Trello boards! The new Power-Ups directory has a host of cool features such as search, categories, editorial content, featured Power-Ups, and more.

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I've made a pledge to myself to run my life via Trello recently... using due dates, to-do/done and it helps me not get so stressed out to be honest. Time to power it up :) Planyway has been an awesome thing to help me power up.
Congrats Trello team! And, thanks for being so wonderful to collaborate with on building the Wistia Power-Up :)
I wasn't able to find a link to the directory in your post.
@contrer_as πŸ‘‹ the new directory is on the web version of Trello. While on a board, click "Show Menu" and then "Power-Ups" to find the directory and add your favorite Power-Up.