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The most interesting feature is attaching Slack conversations to a Trello card. For teams that use both products there is a tension between where conversations want to happen (Slack) and where project artifacts need to live (Trello). So it's great to see something that brings them together. I do wonder if users on my team, and others, will be diligent about adding those conversations to cards. It would be fantastic if there was a way to associate them automatically, but I'm not sure how that would work.
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@mvboeke This has been my favorite feature. Alongside minimizing context switching between Trello and Slack one of our goals for the app was to make it super easy to add context to cards, especially when there's a conversation in Slack that leads to a Trello card. I've also found myself clicking that button when someone pastes a card into Slack and there's discussion
@hamidp Does this require a Trello Business account? And what is the difference between the Business account Trello integration and this new Trello for Slack? Thanks
@thomas_tomhawk_burningham This works for all teams, free and paid. Paid teams get access to a Power-Ups which extend Trello as a platform and pull in data from other other sources. So you can use the Trello app for Slack completely free, and if you want the Power-Up it's paid. We're planning on merging it all together at some point as well.
@hamidp @mvboeke silly question perhaps, but where / how does one 'attach' a Slack conversation to a Trello card?
@lee_stuttaford @mvboeke There's an Attach Conversation button that basically attaches a link to the message where the card was sent. Gives you context around conversations. So say you paste a link to a card and then a conversation about it happens. You want to note that conversation somehow for future reference - just click Attach Conversation
It was a pleasure partnering with Trello on this. We're huge Trello fans at Slack, and are super excited to see this get so much better... and looking forward to continuing to work with you.
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@buster Likewise! Great pleasure working with y'all on this :)
Hello! I'm the PM on this for Trello. Here to answer any questions you got :)
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@hamidp Would appreciate your thoughts on Cusomizability? more specifically : https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
@freak4pc That link goes nowhere for me :)
@hamidp That's odd :) Anyways my question was about customization of cards. We have a ticket template we use and if creating a new card from Slack could use a pre-defined template (or copy a "Template" and use that card), that would be a killer feature for our workflow!
@hamidp is there a user guide for this?
Nice! Trello for Web and Mobile already helped a lot! This is a cool one. Nice to see that more devs are preparing their products for Slack.
nice! added to my Tools for Trello collection. https://www.producthunt.com/@bha...