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This is cool! Now you can visualize your Trello due dates next to your schedule and organize your deadlines right from within your [Google, Office 365, Exchange, Outlook.com and iCloud] calendars. You can also edit the card titles from the calendar — creating a seamless integration between your calendar and Trello.
Hi there PH, Thanks for hunting this Chris! We have been testing the Trello Calendar Connector for a few months and we now feel like it’s ready for its official launch! Trello is so good because it’s so simple. It’s just boards, columns and cards with all the flexibility in the world. At Cronofy we use Trello for a lot of things, beyond just project management. Our business is to help our customers build smart calendar integration tools with our API and we saw the potential to bring the flexibility of Trello to our calendars. We hope you enjoy our free Trello Calendar Connector, leveraging our Calendar API. We would love to hear what you think and answer any questions!
Pretty cool. Trello's native GCal integration isn't great, hopefully this works better!
@mikewchan We think so! This is a two-way integration - move the event in your calendar and your Trello deadline updates automatically! We believe this is how all our meetings, bookings and commitments should be managed - in the calendar
Looks awesome!! Our team, especially me, I need it!!
@jinhtanaka thanks. Hope you find it productive. Calendars really should be able to interact with more apps.
@adambir, yes! It's awesome. Already connected to my calendar and Trello!! Good luck for PH!
Just what our team was looking for!!! Looking forward to testing this out.
@mikeraymarketer Great to hear! Happy to help with any questions you have.