Trello Bookmark lets you easily add a cards to the Trello board of your choice straight from the browser.
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Use it for a while. Best Trello plugin!
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Always liked Trello. Thanks, Marat, I can tell I'll be using this.
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@christineperie2 cool, will wait for a feedback :)
Will you be adding a feature to import bookmarks?
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@abdulumer_ I thought about it. But it would be too complex (too many nuances). Sorry
@abdulumer_ @marat_dospolov1 The moment i saw this product i became excited to check if i can import bookmarks from Desktop chrome or mobile safari and save them in Trello cards. But as of now, you app doesn't provide this feature, right? 😕
@abdulumer_ @zahinize yeap, there's not enough data in bookmark to create Trello card automatically
I am wondering why Trello did not come up with the official plugin? It is such an obvious need for any modern productivity tool. Great extension!
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Feedback and feature requests are welcome