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To help ProductHunters organize their work and lives, Trello is offering one month of free Trello Gold.
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@startupstella I'm a huge fan of Trello! But quick question: how do we avail of the free Trello Gold? UPDATE: I figured it out and got my gold. Thank you!
@stefgonzaga Phew! For anyone else wondering, just click on the "Trello" link in the list and it'll take you to a special Product Hunt landing page where you can get your gold. :)
My favorite project management tool. Simple and easy to use...
Love this product but worried these guys have got the premium model wrong, the base product seems to do just about everything. I have invited about 15 colleagues to various boards (from different orgs for different projects) but there never seems to be a compelling feature set to upgrade to premium, the base product is fantastic. When you combine your boards with Slack Channels it gets even better.