The economics of Star Trek

We're excited to announce the launch of Trekonomics, a crowdfunded book campaign by Manu Saadia. This book explores the economics of the Star Trek universe as if it were real, and discusses how our own world can work towards that model. Check out the promo video here:
. Trekonomics is the debut book in a new collection, Piper Text, prominent financial journalist Felix Salmon's own imprint on Inkshares, a reader-driven book publisher. This is part of a feature we just launched that allows anyone to create an imprint with the click of a button. Our Collections feature is available to anyone who thinks they can drive pre-orders for a book they want to champion and have published under their name.
I remember a scene in "Voyage Home" where the crew is dropped into 1987, and into a system where they need money to get around. So they pawn what ever is on them and stare at the cash they receive in return with bewilderment. Interesting concept!