Plant trees for free by shopping 🌲🌐

TreeClicks is a free Chrome & Firefox shopping extension that receives advertising fee for bringing you in as a customer and uses it for planting trees.
If only 1% of all shoppers are using TreeClicks, we could plant millions of trees.
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Hi Producthunt guys, I'm excited to launch TreeClicks today. TreeClicks is a shopping browser extension that receives advertising fee πŸ’° for bringing you in as a customer and uses it for planting trees 🌲 for free! Features: 🌐 Free Chrome / Firefox plugin 🌳 We use the majority of our advertising fee to plant trees in India. πŸ›οΈ Shopping prices remain the same ❓ Why is this necessary? Deforestation currently accounts for more that 10% of the global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Since e-commerce is trillion dollar economy, if everybody were to use TreeClicks, enormous amounts of forests could be planted 🌳🌲🌴. We can't stop you from shopping, but you can help us planting trees for free!
Nice idea. Seems that ecosia is doing OK. Using Skimlinks or? Showed it to a friend who works at NGO and she basically turned her nose up at it. On that basis I think trust / transparency will be a challenge for you conversion-wise. Good luck with it.
Great feedback Rob! Yes, we are, plus some other affiliate networks combined. You're absolutely right regarding trust / transparency. We'll try to display the amount of trees planted and update that regularly. More info, you find at .