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Working out - to me has always felt like leveling up yourself: With every workout, you gain a little bit of strength. With Treeceps this idea becomes reality.
Go on your own fitness adventure in a lively world where everything relates to your training!
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Hey Product Hunters, This is a day I’ve been looking forward to for the last three years! I’ve never been the kind of guy that loved sports. I hated PE in school, I didn’t really enjoy team sports that much… But I always liked the thought of continuously improving myself. And I loved playing Pokémon, Maple Story other RPGs, especially during my childhood! Leveling up always felt very fulfilling to me. When I fell in love with strength training and transforming my body, I noticed why I loved it so much: Working out - to me has always felt like leveling up yourself: With every workout, you gain a little bit of strength. From this moment on I always wished there was an app, where this analogy becomes a reality. Treeceps makes this dream come true! Most strength training apps are either 1) Casual - easy to use, fun (guided circuit training, e.g. Seven) but only really effective for beginners 2) Advanced - harder to use (require familiarity with training, e.g. Strong) but a lot more effective Users of casual apps often don’t feel advanced apps are for them. - Fearing they don’t have the experience, equipment, or are intimidated by the bodybuilder-like style. Treeceps bridges this gap: Aiming to be at least as accessible and fun as the best casual apps, while being as effective as the best advanced apps. Experienced users find everything they wish for and more. - In a unique, gamified world. Beginners are put on a journey, learning strength training, based on scientific evidence, in a friendly world, rep by rep. My name is Joe, I’m a 24 year old iOS developer from Germany. I developed Treeceps over the last three years. During this time I hardly did anything else except for developing every waking hour. But it never felt like work to me! In many ways Treeceps is the culmination of everything that I ever loved doing. I love coding and getting immersed in the lower level technical details, but I wouldn’t be fulfilled by only doing that. I also love making music, making videos, recording spoken content, designing things, producing written content, marketing, and all in all just creating things. Treeceps somehow involves everything that I’ve ever enjoyed doing. It’s almost scary, as if everything in my life so far so was just practice shots for what I’m doing now. Treeceps also integrates with my gamified weight tracking app Scelta. For my Human Computer Interaction bachelor thesis I developed and evaluated the step tracking feature of Treeceps. My goal was to find the best way to employ gamification, the use of game design elements in non-game contexts, to promote physical activity. To achieve this, I looked at findings from many related research papers from Psychology, Health research and Human Computer Interaction. In an experiment I was able to show that Treeceps did indeed increase daily activity to a higher degree than a quantified control group app that I also developed. The thesis was graded 1.0 (A+). Now, after finishing my Human Computer Interaction Bachelor, it’s my biggest goal to make a living of developing Treeceps one day. I have so many ideas for the future and I think the story of Treeceps has only just begun. To celebrate the launch of Treeceps - and as little perk for all of you on Product Hunt - the yearly membership is currently 50% off at just $29,99! Be sure to let your friends & family know about Treeceps and share the app with anyone who might be interested. It means the world to me! If you have any questions, suggestions, I’m here in the comment section. You can also reach me on social media. Links are here on this product page. You can also contact me via email in the settings tab of Treeceps. Happy to hear from you and may the gains be with you! 🌳💪
I‘ve had the opportunity to give early feedback on Treeceps. I‘ve never done strength training in my life, but this app motivates me to keep it up (been training for about 3 months now). I‘m already feeling stronger and starting to look better! The animations for the exercises are very helpul for new users like me, because they don‘t just show what the exercise is, but show an animations that really shows how the exercise should be performed exactly. This has been critical for me when learning new exercises and I still use it a lot to this day. Highly recommend this unique workout app.
@magictc33 Thank you very much for your feedback and the support throughout the development. It's been crucial to make Treeceps as self-explanatory as possible and I'll continue to keep an eye out for helpful feedback in the future!
I like to feed my Runimals with my daily steps when going for a walk. There's a lot to explore and lots of little details you can explore in Treeceps!
@petra_waldow Thank you very much for your support and feedback! :)
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Useful program