Gamified weight tracker for iOS/watchOS

Your weight fluctuates daily depending on hydration, sleep, stress and many other factors.

Instead of just comparing one value to a previous one Scelta focuses on comparing weekly and monthly averages to show your real trend.

Set your own weekly goal, collect coins, unlock achievements, level up and compete in Game Center leaderboards!

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Hey Product Hunters, My name is Joe, I’m 22 years old, indie iOS developer / HCI student from Germany and the maker of Scelta! 👋 Just wanted to quickly introduce myself and tell you the story of the app. 😊 There are 3 key ideas behind Scelta I want to highlight here: 1.) Comparing averages, 2.) gamification and 3.) living in the moment. 1.) Comparing averages If you’ve ever used a scale regularly you know this problem: Your bodyweight fluctuates from day to day and it’s difficult to say whether you gained weight, lost weight or just had a heavy day. Salty food, hydration status, sleep, stress, and hormonal fluctuations are just some of the many factors that can influence your weight heavily in the short term. Most weight tracking apps only compare your current weight with your weight from an earlier date, eg. your weight 14 days ago. Depending on your condition on that specific day it could well be that - although you definitely lost weight in the last 14 days - are heavier than exactly 14 days ago. So just comparing your weight to an earlier weight doesn’t tell the whole story and it can be really difficult and demotivating to assess your progress this way. To know what’s really going on you need to compare averages to each other. - eg. the average of the last 7, 14 or 30 days to the average of the 7, 14 or 30 days before. The difference, also known as delta, between these time spans is a very informative indicator of what really happens to your body weight. Until now a few ambitious fitness-people compiled their own excel-files to achieve this or calculated the delta manually. I really wanted to have a fun app that does exactly that myself. So I began creating a new way of calculating your “scale delta“: Scelta! 😄 2.) Gamification I’ve heard amazing stories about how gamification of devices like Apple Watch gave joy and a completely different perspective on moving and living healthy to people. Then there was Pokemon Go: People got new motivation to get out, went to places they never would have, some lost a lot of weight, just because of a virtual incentive! This magic of gamification always fascinated me: Somehow everything became more fun by giving it a motivating digital representation. So I thought: Why not bring gamification directly to tracking weight itself? This is why I tried to make Scelta feel like an RPG where your weight is the main character. If you achieve your goal you’ll be rewarded with SP points every day, which are used to level up your character and advance your weight loss adventure. I took cues and inspiration from different games for this. - E.g. earlier version of Pokémon Go let you collect coins every 21 hours if you were in possession of a gym. - In Scelta you can collect coins every day as well. Not if you’re holding a gym though, but in case you adhered to your goal by 50% or more. The collection of different kind of coins is inspired by Mario games. And you can compete in Game Center leaderboards with the coins you collect. - The better you adhere to your personal goals the more coins you’ll be rewarded with. Other people only ever see your coins, not any of your weight data. 3.) Living in the moment This is a quite philosophical point. But one that’s especially important in the context of weight trackers, I think. Almost all weight tracking apps let you put in a goal weight and tell you how much days are left to reach it or something similar. Scelta instead uses a weekly rate of change to your weight as a goal. E.g. „losing 1lb per week“, or „gaining 0.2lb per week“. If you reach this goal in your selected time span (e.g. average of 7 days to 7 days before) you have reached your goal perfectly. And this is all there is. This helps you focus on the process and not some arbitrary number in the future. Being able to live in the now and enjoy the process is so important to be happy with yourself and stay motivated towards your weight goals! If you have any remarks, questions, ideas or anything else you want to share please let me know in the comments! Best, Joe