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Treatings is a local professional network where everyone is open to meeting over coffee. You can offer to treat people to coffee who have experience of interest. Like a dating site, our biggest challenge is making people comfortable reaching out to strangers. Would love to hear how ideas around how we could better accomplish this. Thanks!
Hey, @howillia! I've seen similar services focused on professional networking. The biggest challenge I've found is that the most "valued" people that others want to meet are: (1) don't have a need to find new people to meet -- they're already busy and (2) get overwhelmed with inbound requests (like the attractive woman on a dating site) @hsukenooi is doing some smart things to curb this with CoffeeMe, using a double opt-in, Tinder-like approach. What are your thoughts, Hayden?
@rrhoover ya definitely seen some cool Tinder for networking products. It's an interesting model, but not necessarily appropriate for the types of conversations we're looking to facilitate. Our target market is not the "attractive woman" equivalent of other words this isn't for VCs and other public-facing people who already get hit up a lot for coffee requests. It's a collaborative platform that connects peers and allows them to share ideas/opportunities.
I think, this is a great utility for a cafe brand. It may be more profitable.
I really appreciate the way @howillia is approaching this opportunity. I can't wait for more cities to get unlocked.