Travel Shoes by BauBax

Made from Coconut Coir, Natural Latex, Merino Wool, Bamboo

Our Travel Shoes are made from a perfect balance of natural materials - Coconut Coir, Natural Latex, Merino Wool and Bamboo, to provide support and durability while keeping your feet cool and comfortable during travel.
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Isn't this an allbirds copycat?
@ramirez6651 ...yep, shocking that Kickstarter let’s the project run.
merino wool? Why do you need that in there?
Australian Merino Wool liner, offers antibacterial properties – that offers unparalleled odor control and allows wearers to go sock less when they prefer. Great Shoes for travel!
@akansha_johari check it out some for climbing in my stock
These shoes look really dang good actually. But is this live or is it some kind of crowdfunding?
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