TrapFi 1.0

Contract management for freelancers

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With freelancers making up 30% of our workforce in the US this tool is going to become more and more valuable. Love the idea!
@nick_meagher Thank you, Nick! We really appreciate your support.
TrapFi has one ambitious tagline - "The only freelance network that guarantees work". I thought "yeah, sure". But than read this on your FAQ "We quantify how much work master freelancers in our network receive each year and approve freelancers based on estimated work flow". That is an interesting way to solve the problem. Good luck.
@ebrahimkhalil Yeh I felt the same as soon as I saw the strapline, but it is indeed an interesting concept.
TrapFi is the only freelance network that guarantees work. There is no easy way to capture freelance work or receive work from other freelancers. TrapFi equips freelancers with guaranteed work and tools to make sharing and receiving contracts easy. Join freelance teams, complete projects and get paid without worrying about the business side. Today, TrapFi is best designed for engineering and design freelancers. You can apply now with GitHub at
@codedbycam signup with Twitter would be nice.
@mightyalex Thank you for the feedback Alex!
@codedbycam Nice idea. gl. I don't think that a lot of designers has github account.
Logo is far too similar to
Hey @ashley_harvard and @theleovogel - thanks for the feedback! We'll keep this in mind going forward.
Whoa! What an interesting concept. Signing up!
@tayler2412 Thank you, Tayler!