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Thank you @mutlu82 for sharing this! Hi everyone, My name is Max and I am Musixmatch's CEO. We believe that lyrics are a universal tool that allows different cultures to connect with each other — that’s why we are introducing Lyrics Translations.
We live in a world of misunderstandings. By reading lyrics that have been translated into your mother tongue you will get the key into understanding a foreign language and a foreign culture. Different languages have different melodies, and composers exploit this and use lyrics to send a message. Now that you can see in Musixmatch this message - translated in the language you are the most familiar with, in sync with your favourite song, and on your mobile device - you can expand your vocabulary and diversify your culture. We will be rolling out Lyrics Translations for everyone in the coming days. But you can download here the latest version of Musixmatch for iOS and Android and start exploring translations today. http://bnc.lt/juXl/ehdUEoWPwt
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@maxciociola CAPOLAVORO! Congrats guys
Wow. I m really in love with this app. Very classy visual design and perfectly crafted user interface with ease to use interactions. Hundreds of upvotes are worth for this lovely app and its super cool concept. The lyrics card is the surprising part and i already started making cute little lyric cards from my fav songs.. Kudos and thanks a ton to the makers
@sheikmohaideena Thank you Sheik !
Definitely one of the best product team out there. 👓
@ldesserrey Thank you Laurent !
fab idea, really useful app to get a better idea of his/her fav song - kudos to the team!
@macclabs Thank you Carmen !!
As a Product Designer, the visuals and overall experience in this app is phenomenal. Max, could you share who is in charge of the latest design?