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🎧 Record your audio and upload it to Transistor. We'll help you distribute your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts!

👉 Customers include Alexis Ohanian (Reddit), Basecamp, VH1, ProfiWell, Ionic, Laravel, The U.S. Dept of Veteran Affairs.

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Founder, With Jack

I've ported an existing podcast to Transistor, which was a really straightforward process. I also use it to host my current podcast and know Justin and Jon have a lot of interesting features planned. They also seem open to hearing feedback about the product. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.


Easy to use, lots of tutorials


Yet to find any.


Been a user now for a little more than a month. Officially launching my podcast on Transistor today ( This is the hosting solution I knew I wanted even before I saw the product. So actually getting what I wanted at a really good price is a no brainer. Especially since I'm not a professional podcaster and I needed a simple solution that wouldn't demand a lot of skill to use. It was like Justin had somehow looked into my mind and to see my thoughts and then created the product around that.


Easy to get started, clean layouts, options to customize if you know a thing or two.


Blame it on the ignorance, but I don't have any gripes about Transistor at the moment.

I want to try, but I don't want to let my credit card print on the trial.
I develop cool things for the Web & Mac

I have been an early access user of for a few months before they launched. I have wanted to start a podcast for years and came up with every excuse in the book for not doing it. Transistor removes all of the headaches of publishing and maintaining your podcast. The online dashboard easy to use, you will be up and going in minutes. They allow for multiple users so that you can have multiple people manage show episodes. It can even create a website for your podcast. Justin and Jon have been really responsive to feedback as well. If you are looking to start a podcast or tired of managing your existing one, you should really look at Its worth every penny.


Easy to use. Its really a no-brainer if you want to manage a podcast.


Don't have any at this time.

Applications Support

I've had a podcasting mic for a while now. I kept looking at it, meaning to create a show but didn't really know what to do with the audio after I recorded and edited it.

Podcast hosting and publishing all seemed pretty complicated. I tried Transistor out earlier this week and I had my show setup and ready to go in about 5 minutes!

It literally takes you step by step through the process, everything you need. Now I can just record my episodes and upload them!


Simple upload

Website creator


Step-by-step layout

Unlimited shows


None I've found yet. Pricing seems to fit multi-show podcast creators and businesses best.

Share + Dev turned Marketer

I was an early adopter of Transistor and I've always found podcast hosts plain, dated, and not as user friendly as they could be. Analytics always seems like this black box of "estimations."

Since Justin had serveral successful podcasts and thought that if there's anyone who will build a great platform for podcasters, it's Justin.

At the time I joined, I was starting up a daily podcast, so I needed something quick, easy to use, and efficient each and every day. Transistor does it all!!!

I quickly moved my other podcast over and the migration was super simple.

If you've struggled with understanding all the technical aspects of hosting your podcast, give a run. You won't be disappointed!


Easy to work with, fast, embedded (everywhere) player rocks 🤘, integration with podcast services is stellar, growing analytics


If I had to, I suppose the show note editor could be better ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and potentially see in analytics more data around single eps

Founder of

We've been beta testers for almost 6 months


Great interface, all the features you need for a podcast, responsive customer support


None at the current time. All issues were addressed quickly when we launched

The Idea Department

Proud to be an early subscriber to the service!


The passion and execution from the creators is unprecedented.

The look and feel is focused on function and clean design.

It simply "works".


People may misspell "transister" and be confused by a dot-FM domain. (but those people probably aren't in your podcast audience anyway...)

Founder of

I’ve been using Transistor exclusively for myself and my clients since the beta and it’s a great service, made by great people.

It’s rare to find an app/service you love, made by people you actually want to support.

Justin and Jon are the real deal.


Great features. Simple. High quality. Great Service. Awesome founders you can count on.


None yet.

Nhan vien hanh chinh tai Dogomynghebiz

i think ok


ok, great



Founder of Soul+Hustle

I have been using Transistor for several months, after switching from Libsyn, and I really couldn't be happier. I recommend it to all my friends and clients.


Simple user interface, easy to use


Haven't found any yet

This is a great product. Really easy to port over an existing podcast from wordpress. Lovely UI to use for publishing and also generates a great web interface for users. It is nicely stripped back, BUT could probably do with some more customisation option and template designs for the website but it's great right now. The team have been great to communicate with over any domain mapping or design niggles, and are highly recommended.
Web Geek
Transistor is an amazing product. The customer service @jonbuda and @mijustin provide is also brilliant.
100% Fantastic Customer Service. The platform is solid, and Justin was able to help me, even when I'd been the one to make the mistake. I'd absolutely recommend this to anyone looking!