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Handy tool, hard to describe without seeing how it works:
@rrhoover I really am interested in the limitations... Could they expand this into a JS library or an API? I think this is so valuable:
@rrhoover @jsneedles We're looking into the possibility of making this an API. There's more to come, this release was to get some user feedback, we didn't expect to get this much traction!
@_altint This is super useful already, thanks for making this! JSON data transforming facility can be a nice addition.
@rrhoover trying to put why this is awesome into words. Not easy, but this is something Excel should have figured out years ago!
Just Brilliant. Waiting for sublime plugin. May be I'll make one, if api is available :)
@patelnachiket A sublime plugin would definitely increase the worth of that too even further.
Not to nitpick but Michael Jordan wore the number 23, not 35. LeBron does too. He wore 6 at Miami
This is awesome. Wish there were plug-ins with this kind of functionality for Vim/PyCharm
Great for the lay person to input something into, but would love this even better if it was a sublime text plugin or an API so it can be integrated right into a workflow.