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Hi people, I'm Miguel, founder of Traken. We're a fully bootstrapped startup based in Canary Islands (Spain). With Traken, you can create mobile apps for your teams, in hours, which are instantly deployed to our container app. Traken is not intended to create public apps, but internal usage apps for your teams. Monitoring, mobile dashboards, operational information, etc. You can have your Slack integration improved integrating that information in Traken. It's anoying to find notifications or information in channels! It doesn't matter if you already have a mobile app, as Traken is a great choice to be a first sight of your entire company, in real time. It's simple, it's easy. Just receive the information you need before taking any decision. Any feedback will be more than welcome, so feel free to ask me anything you want. Thanks in advance!
@midito I need you to set up a demo so @ssgslack members can learn more about your startup and product!
@charlesjo @ssgslack Charles just tell me what you need and we can arrange it, of course!
Cool!! 🇮🇨🤘
If I understand this product correctly (please correct me if I'm wrong) we can create an app that can monitor and aggregate all notifications from all different apps we maybe using (like slack) in ONE unified company app! If that's correct then Inreally think this is an interesting product that can actually save time and make teams more productive.
@amelm Yes Amel, that's exactly what the product does! Thanks for your feedback :)