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TrainAway is committed to helping you find a gym wherever you are in the world. With over 140,000 gyms, TrainAway is the world's largest gym directory so you can always find a gym that suits your needs. By using our app, you can easily get access to gyms all over the world.

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The app is free and you just pay when you actually want to visit a gym. Super convenient way of working during my travels.


Pretty simple app which worked great for me while traveling in europe. Hope to see the app cover more of outside Europe in the near future.


Greater coverage outside Europe would be excellent in the near future!

Useful for traveling. I could have used this when I was in Europe earlier in the year. Instead Gymlib saved the day.
@rrhoover Thank you for the kind words. Gymlib is a great alternative to TrainAway, however, they are only situated in France. TrainAway covers a lot more countries, which provides you with a lot more options while travellling.
Pros : Very simple ! Cons : pricing ... 12€ 1 session pass in Nantes neoness... (its 25€euros for one month on their website)
@seblemeur We appriciate your comment and the kind words. The price for a session pass at Neoness might be a little bit too expensive right now, however, we are working on lowering these prices so that they are more affordable and reasonable.
@trainaway Thx for your feedback, is it possible to contact you ? I need more informations about how you scrap your data ! 😄
@seblemeur Yes of course. You are more than welcome to contact the TrainAway team here: 😄
Simple to understand - easy to use!
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