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Keep up to date on the latest movie trailers.
I like the simplicity of this, although I try to avoid trailers myself so I can watch the film spoiler-free. P.S. I didn't know there was an Entourage movie on the way.
Hi, I am the creator of the small site and wanted to have one simple site to access all new trailers. At the moment you can save, share and like trailers. I aggregate the trailer from one source, but want to implement more. Any recommendations?
Cool site. I wish all movies had prominent release dates shown. It'd also be really cool to be able to hit a button that basically means you're committing/interested in going, and then you can scan a calendar for the coming months and see when the movies you want to see are being released.
@adamokane Release dates and a calender sounds great. May be I can combine the calender with saved trailers. Thanks for you feedback and features will be implemented ;)
@bertconcepts Cool! It'll be fun for people to look forward to upcoming movies they're interested in. Happy New Year!
I love this, always been a big fan of Apple Trailers, but they never show enough new trailers for my liking. I've already book-marked this page, I'm sure I will be visiting this page quite often in 2015.
@chrissteggles Thank you Chris. Do you miss anything on the site?