Monitor your Google Analytics site traffic in real-time

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 06, 2018

TrafficTicker is Chrome extension which integrates with your Google Analytics account to give you the total number of real time users on your website or app ๐Ÿ“ˆYou can also set multiple thresholds for traffic to receive alerts when it's crossed.

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Its an awesome utility to have, it comes in handy for day to day usage


Easy to setup , Complete data privacy


Do not support multiple google accounts

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can be useful
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I tried using the tool, but on sign in, i could see my GA projects but saving is not taking me anywhere, so kind of stuck there. so do you have any documentation for this?
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@srtv_prateek No documentation really. Steps are - 1. Sign in with Google. 2. Download extension. 3. Save your GA view / project. 4. Click on the extension. Try that again and let me know?
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@ktkaushik yeah got it now, just a small feedback, since the extension is an essential part of your product, make the link more prominent, as right now its showing under 'Create alert policy' which is giving an impression that its for paid user. Apart from that the tool is really useful. Good Luck!!!
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@srtv_prateek That's actually true. Making the link more prominent would help. However, would you have received alerts without downloading the extension at all?
@ktkaushik sorry, I didn't get your question

It's nice to see the live trafic of your site all the time. I know many webmasters which will want to have it.


Nice feature, useful tool


Some links in the panel do not work

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Hey Anna, I will be happy to help you with us. Please let me know which links you are referring to.
Nice Chrome Extension. Just wish it wasn't on Chrome, though. I noticed that, after logging into my Google Analytics account and installing your extension, I remain logged in to that Google account while doing Google Search, etc. The thing is, I can't be logged in to Google all the time because my work in SEM requires me to see generic search results whereas being logged into Google shows only SERPs customized to me. Not to mention it also lets me be tracked for other things like offline purchases according to the recent secret data sharing deal between MasterCard and Google, which impacts only people who're logged into a Google product. (That's one of the reasons why I don't use GMail as my primary or even secondary email account.) If only your extension was available on another browser - say Brave - I'd log in to my Google Account on Brave, keep your extension open all the time but keep doing the rest of my work on Chrome, which is my preferred browser, under my customary logged-out and untracked mode.
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@s_ketharaman Thanks for that feedback. I agree you have to log into you GMail account but you do not have to be logged into Google Chrome browser itself. Why don't you try this? 1. Install extension 2. Log into TrafficTicker with GA account 3. Select account on TrafficTicker and click on extension to activate it 4. Log out of GMail Let me know if that works. There are currently no plans to support Brave browser but there is a plan for Slack.
@ktkaushik I actually did all that before writing my comment. But Traffic Ticker Chrome Extension showed "0 visitors" before logout and "0 visitors" after logout, so it wasn't conclusive whether it works in logged-out state. I tried a more elaborate test today, asking a few coworkers to visit the said website one after the other. I can confirm that Ticker Chrome works even after logging out of Google Account. PS: BTW, I meant Google Account, not GMail account. Although many people tend to use the two terms interchangeably, they don't have to be the same. For example, I use my business email (s.k* - and not GMail - as my cred for Google Analytics. (And my business email is not provided by Google Mail).