Translation management platform for teams

Traduora is a translation management platform for teams. You can import and export the most common formats, work together with your team, instantly deliver translation updates over the air and more!
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Hi everyone! Anthony from traduora here 👋 I have open sourced all of the code for the traduora, a project that I've been building for the past months. A couple of weeks ago I realised that if I want it to become everyone's home for managing their translation workflow, it's important to make the core product open source. This way anyone is free to use it and modify it for their own needs while sharing those improvements back to the community. This would hopefully encourage developers to build on top of it as a platform. Features in this initial release include: - 5 minute setup with Docker, Kubernetes or from source - Find what you are looking for with instant search - Invite your team, everyone can work together on the same project - Automate your translation workflow via our REST API - Import and export to your favourite formats: JSON flat and nested, CSV, YAML flat and nested, Java Properties, XLIFF 1.2, Gettext (po) and more coming soon! Coming soon: Web/Mobile SDKs and Automatic translations. I can’t wait to hear your feedback. Thank you!
It's so great!!!