Trading Windows, by Rally Rd

Trade shares in classic cars, just like the stock market

Rally Rd. is a platform for investing in SEC-registered collectible assets, starting with classic cars, with no minimums & no commissions.

Today, we're launching Trading Windows - the open-market buying & selling of shares in individual cars. Starting today, investors will be able to sell their shares... or buy into offerings that they missed. 🚗

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I've been purchasing a couple shares of the cars that launch on Rally Rd, and the team has been kind enough to send out stock shares for each of my purchases. These are a blast to have on my desk, and they're great investments to boot. Y Combinator-backed Arthena is also securitizing typically out-of-reach assets for public investors. Love this space, and excited to see startups continue to allow unaccredited/new investors participate in markets that they can't typically participate in due to high capital requirements or arbitrary regulation.
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Please bring this to Android! I'm an avid car enthusiast and would love to get involved in this space.
@jpkthx android coming very soon! We just launched beta for web with 99% of the feature set of iOS - you can take a look and create an account at on all platforms.
Thanks for the hunt Nick! Super excited to be launching the next iteration of Rally Rd. today. One of the major goals of the this platform has always been to add liquidity to illiquid markets, and the launch of Trading Windows plays a huge role in making that happen. In short, every 30-60 days each unique asset for which we’ve run an Initial Offering gets a trading day known as a “Trading Window.” Starting at 9:30am ET and running until 4:00pm ET we open bid/ask trading on the asset allowing for exits and new purchases of shares all through registered broker-dealers within the Rally Rd. app. Today’s Trading Window is for our 1977 Lotus Esprit S1, which was the first Initial Offering ever run on Rally Rd. back in late 2017. Looking forward to answering any questions and hearing your feedback! 🙌🏁
@robpetrozzo is there a plan to add support for Android/web?
@jianweichuah Android will be out shortly, definitely a priority for us before end of 2018, and web is currently in beta (you can get a sneak peak at Drop me a note with any questions or feedback!

New and exciting concept for investing in alternative assets


Cool interface. Easy sign on


None so far

This is ridiculously cool
@torchstephen thank you Stephen! We’re a little biased, but I just asked everyone in the office and they completely agree with you. 🙏