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Tractionbeat lets you see annotated Google Analytics charts of other startups, so you can learn how they built up traffic over time.

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Hey, George here! Being a developer I always wondered how other startups attract traffic. How long it takes to build up a substantial stream of visitors, and how those visitors convert. Or even how many visitors one gets by making a front page of Hacker News. That's why I built Tractionbeat, a place where founders can share and annotate traffic charts of their startups. I hope this will help a lot of talented developers and designers see how others managed to build up traffic over time and that giving up because of lack of initial traction is not justified. So far, there are 15 sites and apps on Tractionbeat and all of them give us extremely valuable information. Check out Headway, a SaaS that is now getting thousands of daily visitors. Or very inspirational PlaceCard Me! that has been steadily and patiently working on SEO and after just a few months gets hundreds of visitors every day. I find examples like these both helpful and inspirational and I hope you will too! Do you have questions or suggestions? Please leave a comment below.
@grghannes Thanks for making this site and for the Place Card Me shoutout! :)

Awesome to see traction for some new startups, especially if they add annotations. I've added Headway and got some nice feedback and suggestions from random people about our traction progress.


Annotations are a great insight to what others can do to get better stats


If only more sites added annotations

Upvote, upvote and upvote. Another startup which launched using I love transparency when it comes to startups and Tractionbeat allows you to publicly display your analytics whilst narrating specific increases and descreases in traffic. Check out Instaaa's analytics at

Was one of the beta users of this site and really like it!


Easy to use, nice styles, annotations are fun, open startups for the win!


Nothing immediately comes to mind.

Love the annotations on these charts!
@cynicalgrinch Thank you! :) Is there anything else you would like to see on the site?