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Marketing resources from 6 yr of researching Traction book

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Traction Stack is a curated directory of marketing resources from six years of research for Traction (, the bestselling book by myself and @jwmares that helps businesses and projects of all kinds get traction. We've read thousands of posts and tried countless tools, both in researching the book and in our own startups (DuckDuckGo, Exceptional, etc.). Only the very best made it to Traction Stack, organized across the 19 different traction channels, plus 5 sections on traction strategy, testing, and frameworks. I’m happy to answer anything about the stack or book here. Independently, I'm also doing a Product Hunt LIVE Chat tomorrow! Please come and really ask me anything:
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Is it Traction week? :D
@violetanedkova hah, thanks :). The 2nd edition of the book comes out next week. In the run up to that, we've been developing a lot of useful resources to go along with it.
This looks awesome. I'm a huge fan of the Traction book. Great resource!
Awesome, seems like you guys have done heap ton of work to get this out then. I like that you've gone super focussed on the content to get the best out of your book. Hope I enjoy using it, will keep you updated. Good luck!
Ah im super excited. Halfway through the book and loving it