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Erik Torenberg
@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
pretty neat. we should have one for Product Hunt too :)
Tori Bunte
@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
Really helpful. I see some brands (startup & corporate alike) absolutely decimated in threads. I've had some fun exchanges with some hunted startups who wisely monitor Reddit, though. :)
Jacob Smith
@jacobsmith88 · Sales/Marketing, GetAmbassador.com
Anyone have good suggestions for social listening software for small biz that tracks comments, forums, etc. more generally speaking (and a reasonable price!)? Radian 6 is presumably expensive and I'm not even sure if it tracks outside of social media.
Dylan Hulser
@dhulser · Biz Dev, Ad zerk, Prev: @reddit
Interesting... Starts turning some wheels in my head. Cool stuff. Thanks for sharing.
Matt Gelgota
@mattgelgota · Marketing Strategist
Fun stuff. I'd love to be able to have multiple people alerted by email as we have a globally distributed team and I'm sometimes too asleep to share when an event is breaking.