Get more from your Spotify track.

I made for you to get the lyrics, annotations, music video, artist bio, and more from your currently playing Spotify track. How well it works for you is going to depend on what kind of music you listen to, but I hope you enjoy it.

TrackQueen uses APIs from Spotify, Musixmatch, Genius, Wikimedia, and YouTube.

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This is pretty cool, being trying to find something similar for a while now. Any way this can be embedded directly in Spotify as an extension ? It would be awesome !
@fearlex Thanks Arleys! I actually built this because I wasn't satisfied with the way things like Genius annotations are currently shown in the Spotify mobile app. I'd love to see them update / expand some of that experience :)
Hey @jcanelis 👋 How is TrackQueen different from other apps out there? (besides from it having an excellent name)
@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline! This app uses a lot of services that can be accessed independently but what makes it unique (at least to my knowledge) is that it brings all of them to you at once, and provides the relevant information for the particular track you're listening to at that moment.