Emojional feedback and analytics

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Thanks, @milann, for hunting us! Hello Product Hunters, I’m Nik, Co-Founder of Trackoji, along with @nikolay_korobov, @arslanbekovdenis, @sergey_koniukhovskiy and @gia_djahaia. We're happy to launch Trackoji! Trackoji is a simple and free widget to get feedback from your website’ visitors with emojis. Just customize it, embed on your page and Trackoji will show you the emojional statistics! Currently, we are working on making the API and looking for our business model. If you want to see some features or have any questions, we’d appreciate your feedback! Thanks for checking us out!
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This is a beautiful idea!
@mrwullah let's say special thanks to our display technologies and to Shigetaka Kurita who invented emojis in 90s 🇯🇵
Nice 👍I feel the widget should make an appearance on the front page though so we can see it in action. Also, it would be nice to allow users to start customizing a widget before creating an account.
@alexwhitedev Thanks for the feedback! We will improve :)
@alexwhitedev nice suggestions, thank you 💜
This is a brilliant idea :) Nice concept. Best wishes tot the team. :)
@_manishshahi_ Thank you, Manish ✊
@_manishshahi_ seen that, thanks. Maybe we'll go mobile after making the API
Fun way to get feedback and basically anything. Emoji are sort of like a universal language so that's cool. You can use the Emoji you prefer for your business or site. Hey @nikolaybezhko can you tell some more why and how you made this? 🤠
@milann I've described "why" we've made this on Medium in details — "How" is another long story and I'll tell it a bit later 😎