Track subscriptions, trials, lifetime deals, and revenue


It seems that everything you "buy" these days is turning into a subscription of some kind, so it'd be crazy not to have a way of keeping track of all your recurring payments.

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Co-founder, Spark Chart

Get TrackMySubs. You simply won't regret it. I saved money on day one. Cancelled several subscriptions straight away. Asked for and got discounts on others. Regular reports keep you focused on the value of each and every subscription. Not just subscriptions, loans, other payment types and revenue can be added.


Saves money. Reminders to act before payment. Identifies unnecessary subscriptions. Makes you look for alternatives. Helps manage cashflow.


None come to mind.


Indispensable to tracking every recurring payment from mortgage, insurance, utility bills, all the way to even my wife birthday and our anniversary. Excellent reports and subscription views and filters that help you keep on top of your spend, easily see which subscriptions you're getting real value from, knowing exactly which ones you need to update if a credit card expires, and reminders so that you don't forget to cancel trials or services you no longer need. I use this app at least 2-3 times a week. Zero regrets other than I wish something like this had been available to me twenty years ago.


Accessible, Easy to update, no learning curve.


You'll discover how much money you've been wasting - till now!


I have been using TrackMySubs for over a year. The key problem that it solves for me is that it makes me use stuff I have bought, rather than buy more stuff.


Helpful for organising all my subscriptions and other stuff.


no firefox extension - AFAIK


I like the idea, nowadays it's hard to remember all your payments.

In my own opinion, it would be nice to link it with personal finance tracker, so you do not need to add the payment in your app.


Easy to start, free up 10 subscriptions


Not clear how to add custom subscription

I've been using it for a little bit over a year and I'm really happy about it. New features are added regularly and I've not seen any major bugs.


Very useful, reminders, functional and good looking website