Track subscriptions, trials, lifetime deals, and revenue

It seems that everything you "buy" these days is turning into a subscription of some kind, so it'd be crazy not to have a way of keeping track of all your recurring payments.

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Hi All, I'm the founder of TrackMySubs. We’ve been around since 2016, however this is our first appearance on Product Hunt! Thanks Nichole for hunting us!! Feel free to ask any questions!
@trackmysubs My first question is... do I have to enter all of my subscriptions manually? Or does it link with email to pull in past receipts or something like that? The first seems like a lot of work but the second (giving access to all of my email) is always a little nerve-wracking.
@malcolm_ocean Hey Malcolm, yes you'll need to add in your subscriptions manually. We originally created TrackMySubs because we didn't want to give access to our bank accounts or email accounts just to find our subscriptions. We knew what we were subscribed to, we just needed a great way to manage it, without giving away access to our personal stuff. :) So we've evolved our process to add subscriptions as painless as possible and you can use our csv import tool to do it in bulk too.
There are so many things to subscribe to these days and if you're running a business it's likely you have many subscriptions just to keep your business running. Things like website hosting, financial tools like Xero and MYOB, emailing tools, SEO tools, marketing automation, CRM’s, the list goes on. TrackMySubs enables you to track every recurring expense and includes a fantastic list of features: Track Subscriptions, Trials, Lifetime Deals and Revenue. Currency Conversion - see how much you're actually paying, in your own currency. TrackMySubs supports 190+ currencies including some crypto. Alerting - get alerted days/weeks/months before your renewals are due or before your contracts expire. You can even send alerts to other people. Set Your Preferred Time of Day to receive your alerts. Savings Tracker - see how much you’ve saved. Whenever you save some cash because you cancelled a subscription, you can add it in your savings tracker. Lifetime Deal Tracker and Savings Calculator - add all your lifetime deals and see how much you’ve saved by not paying for a recurring subscription. Alerting for Lifetime Deal Refund Deadlines - never miss a refund deadline again. Notes - add extra details to your subscriptions, and choose to have them included in your alert. Attachments - attach receipts, screen shots… or anything else you need, to each subscription. Historical Tracking - track your payment history. Calendar - see those big payment days easily with our calendar view. Payment Types - create and assign payment types to your subscriptions (credit cards, PayPal, direct pay etc). Folders and Subfolders - arrange all your subscriptions in folders and sub folders. Great for setting up clients - you can create subfolders for subscriptions and revenue for each client, to track your cashflow. Drag and Drop capability makes it really easy to arrange subscriptions into your folders. Zapier Integration - send alerts or updates to any other app using Zapier. CSV Import/Export Tool - bulk import/export of your subscriptions. Reports - filter by folders and payment type. Report Types - subscription reports, lifetime deal reports, revenue reports and cashflow reports. Monthly Report - emailed out on the first of each month with previous month summary, and next month forecast. TrackMySubs Go - included with every account is our bookmark manager that is auto created from your subscriptions. You can use this to manage all of your links to your apps and it also tracks how many times you click each link. If you have the link connected to a subscription (optional) it will also calculate the cost per link click based on your subscription costs. Great for calculating value for money on your app spend. TrackMySubs is free to track up to 10 subscriptions.

Get TrackMySubs. You simply won't regret it. I saved money on day one. Cancelled several subscriptions straight away. Asked for and got discounts on others. Regular reports keep you focused on the value of each and every subscription. Not just subscriptions, loans, other payment types and revenue can be added.


Saves money. Reminders to act before payment. Identifies unnecessary subscriptions. Makes you look for alternatives. Helps manage cashflow.


None come to mind.

Way to go Gabe (@trackmysubs), really cool service. How do you populate the subscriptions? Do I link my e-mail address? Paypal account? How does it work?
@rossdcurrie Hey Ross, subscriptions are added manually, or through our csv import tool. When we started TrackMySubs, we were just trying to solve our own problem, and the current tools on the market wanted to connect to bank accounts etc. We didn't want to give that access away to manage our subs, we just wanted a tool that could take care of the complexities that kept arising as the spreadsheet we were using was becoming way to cumbersome and frustrating. The product has evolved quite a lot over the last 2 years from just replacing our spreadsheet and setting reminders. :)

Indispensable to tracking every recurring payment from mortgage, insurance, utility bills, all the way to even my wife birthday and our anniversary. Excellent reports and subscription views and filters that help you keep on top of your spend, easily see which subscriptions you're getting real value from, knowing exactly which ones you need to update if a credit card expires, and reminders so that you don't forget to cancel trials or services you no longer need. I use this app at least 2-3 times a week. Zero regrets other than I wish something like this had been available to me twenty years ago.


Accessible, Easy to update, no learning curve.


You'll discover how much money you've been wasting - till now!