Tracker for iOS

Easily track your mood and energy levels.

Meditating? Trying out a new workout regimen? New supplements? Set a baseline and track of how you feel over time with Tracker. Tracker is an easy way to log your mood and energy levels with Push Notifications or your Apple Watch. It supports sharing, JSON export for your own processing, and custom labels for experimentation.

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Hey Aaron, One of the biggest things I'm interested in tracking is how my energy/mood changes based on the amount of sleep I'm getting, workouts I'm doing, and food I'm eating. Do you plan to integrate with any other apps that allow me to track those elements so I can see more detailed breakdowns of what's causing my various changes? Love this - thanks for creating! Ben
@benmlevy thanks ben! I do plan on adding the ability to add notes to keep track of experiments or a baseline that you might want to set before starting a regimen (like seeing how your life changes before and after meditation, or your overall mood with a month of running vs without). I could probably lightly integrate with other tools to pull in what you were doing at the time though. I do want this to stay the logging layer though- I think it benefits us all for the aggregation layer to be or something like that.
Hey everyone– Tracker is a way to quickly log your mood or energy levels over a day. If you're messing with things like biohacking, nootropics, supplements, or meditation– this is something you could use to track your improvements or changes over time. It's also good for therapy, logging for experimentation, or your own quantified self records. I built Tracker as a weekend project during an experiment where I was wearing a blood glucose monitor on my arm for a week and wanted to cross-examine the data from the sensor to how I felt ( It was originally pretty specialized for my experiment– it would just send me a push notification every hour and I'd log an entry from there and eventually process the data by exporting it all. A few friends mentioned it would be useful for their own mental health records or for experimentation, so over Thanksgiving weekend I hacked on some improvements: you can now customize the push notification interval, customize the labels if energy isn't what you're measuring, log from your Apple Watch, share your logs with concerned parties, and I've even included some fun stickers you can use in iMessage.
Good product!! How’s it different from other emotional analysis App ?
@ayush_chandra Thanks! This was largely built for myself- I think the main differentiators are meant to be around how easy it is to log from push, and JSON exporting for your own analysis. I think of it as a data gathering tool whether for setting a baseline or for measuring the effect of something in your life.
@aaronykng FYI: Couldn't find it by searching in the US App Store, even with the full title "Tracker – Mood & Energy Diary." I had to use your developer name. You should look into some ASO :)
how can i use that som logs to at have it in Apple Health?