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The best alternatives to Tracker for iOS are Cactus, Moodline, and DAYmoji. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Tracker for iOS
  • People are stressed out and turning to meditation for help. But meditation isn’t for everyone. Cactus combines guided reflection prompts, a private journal, and intimate sharing to help you live a more fully actualized life. And it’s free.

  • Moodline is a completely new way to track your mood. Your mood is displayed on one infinite line: just scroll to reveal the patterns and factors that influence it. Log your mood with just one tap. Explore detailed mood statistics to learn more about yourself.

  • Maybe you'll wonder why this DAYmoji product is available? We found that many people have emotional records and even management demands. In DAYmoji, you can choose an expression suitable for your current mood to record your mood every day.

  • What is frustration, curiosity or trust? Most of us know the meaning of the words, but couldn't easily articulate what these emotions are, so this app aims to help you improve your emotional intelligence (EQ) via simple definitions for each emotion.

  • An app to track the ebb and flow of your day. Quantify multiple variables from 1-10 throughout your day to accumulate powerful reference, insight, and perspective.

  • Track and Assess helps keep track of unwelcome behavior and overall wellness - in the workplace and beyond! Use custom mood emojis, images, and file uploads to document your experiences with workplace bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, racism, etc.

  • Mooderate is a way for you to record your memories and monitor your moods. Express your feelings through photos, emojis, and hashtags. Be able to monitor how weekly and monthly emotions is resulting in your overall monthly moods.

  • Feelly is your best friend to capture and track your feelings. You can get the BIG picture of how your overall mood is and what places make you happy or sad. The insights help you be aware of your own feelings which improve your mental health.