Visually edit your site's CSS without inspecting code.

Toybox gives you the power to visually edit any website's CSS without inspecting code. As you make edits, we create & store clean CSS annotations for you and your developers.

How it works:

1. With 1 click - capture any web page (live or local) and re-render it within Toybox

2. Visually edit and annotate your UI.

3. Share, comment, and collaborate.

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Hey PH! Brendan and I have been creating web apps together for over a decade. Brendan is a UX designer and I’m a full-stack engineer and we built Toybox because our old process was as follows: 1. I would push a change to production 2. Brendan would review the update and see it looked nothing like the mockups he made. 3. We'd either: sit next to one another and go through the small visual edits pixel-by-pixel OR Brendan would create spreadsheets and slack threads with screenshots and annotations of CSS changes. This sucked and was wasting a lot of our time so we decided to build a tool for our own internal visual/design review. We created Toybox to be a place where developers can share their WIP, designers can easily make tweaks without knowing how to code, and all of the changes are saved as CSS annotations - allowing for quick implementation. We hope you find this tool useful for your product development process and we’d absolutely love to hear your feedback. We’ll be here to answer any questions and comments. Thanks so much everyone! P.S. For those wondering why the name Toybox - it’s an homage to the t-shirt company we started together in high school, which put us on the entrepreneurial journey that lead us here today!
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I had a chance to play with Toybox, and it’s absolutely the best way to provide actionable feedback on website design, copy, style, etc... before even deploying the site live. Love it.
@yuris Thanks so much Yuri - look forward to hearing more of your thoughts/ways we can improve!

Toybox is a nice way for my co-worker and I to bounce things back and forth without getting up and disrupting each other, or sharing screenshots over and over. We're just getting started with it but I'm excited to see how it changes our workflow.


Nice way to handle visual collaboration


Browser plugin

I've been looking for a product that does this for over a year! Toybox is very low-friction to get started, and when I use it to send feedback to team members they instantly understand my feedback. Can't wait to see the new features as they release them.


Super simple to use, no need to change workflows


None :)

Hey, congrats! This looks like a rad product and I'm rather excited about it. Just so you know, your "Sign Up" link takes users to an unsecure page, not https. I typed it in manually, but you might want to fix that up so as not to turn away potential users. :)
@gregstone14 Hey Greg. Thanks so much for letting us know - we just updated those links on the site! Excited to hear what you think about Toybox :)