Tovala combines a multi-function oven and meal delivery service that makes it easy to enjoy delicious, freshly cooked meals without any of the work.

Introducing, The Tovala Steam Oven with Tovala IQ™. The next generation oven packs the same capacity and power, but is 15% smaller and more portable with more controls. Buy yours today from $249!

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It’s a big day at Tovala! We’ve been hard at work on the 2nd generation oven since we launched the first version last year —and think this one is improved in every way. Our new oven does all of the same things as our current oven, and now has additional features that were requested by our customers: 1. More control directly on the oven - we’ve added the ability to steam, bake, broil, toast and reheat as well as set the time and temperatures right on the front of the oven. This makes it a more direct replacement for a toaster oven. 2. Our new oven packs the same capacity and power, but it’s 15% smaller and more portable 3. More efficient steam cooking - Our new oven uses and release less steam with the same exceptional cooking results Since launching our 1st generation oven, we’ve also made many other product improvements including: 1. A new library of 60+ Tovala "Chef's Recipes" across breakfast, lunch, dinner & kid-friendly options. Recipes are designed specifically for the Tovala Oven and let users cook with the help of a professional chef by removing the guesswork and ensuring that the oven will cook perfectly 2. Expanded meal ordering options so you can purchase 3, 4, 6, 9 or 12 meals/week 3. We now have at least 2 vegetarian meals and at least 3 gluten free options a week, in addition to high-protein and low-calorie options 4. We've added Weight Watchers smart points to Tovala Meals Our current owners love their Tovala Oven - 96% say Tovala has positively impacted their lives in some way -- including making dinnertime less stressful, eating healthier, and even saving money. We'd love for you to check it out and to share questions, comments and feedback!
What's new in this generation?
@aaronoleary Hi Aaron. The new version has been redesigned from the ground up and looks entirely different; has more functionality on the front of the oven itself; a smaller and lighter footprint; and more efficient steam cooking.
It seems like the oven is only available in USA, it would be nice to state that somewhere so people don't go through the website until they find it at the checkout page. And why not sell internationally if no meal plan is selected?
Just got the oven and so far the first few meals have been perfect. Hope the quality of food and choices continue to stay consistent. Oven cooks great. Faster than what I had before (no preheat) and the food comes out moist (steam helps).