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Thank you Hiten! Our goal was simple, make adventure more accessible. We think you will love what we have built so far and look forward to feedback so we can get better!
This is a really cool concept! I really like how users are able to submit themselves as a tour guide, and provide ways to give others an incredible travel experience. I was just in Cuba and had no agenda, this would have been useful! Is the concept similar to airbnb / uber - where all tours are based on personal listings? Or are you also pairing with local agencies?
Hey Nick, thank you! The tours are local providers that offer tours directly. They range from independent tour guides to bigger operations such as Aqua World in Cancun that is the biggest provider of water sports in Cancun. But the key is, the provider offers the tours directly, we do not work with third parties such as travel agetns who are acting as resellers. @nick_wesley