Touchtype Pro

The world’s most versatile iPad keyboard case

Touchtype Pro is a versatile iPad case that lets you magnetically attach an Apple Magic Keyboard. Magnetic tracks offers multi-angle desk or lap typing. Built-in stand even allows for portrait mode.
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Hi fellow hunters! Firstly, let me thank @chrismessina for hunting us! :) I’m @sajidcreative, the maker of Touchtype Pro. Why Touchtype? “Our hands didn’t magically get smaller when the iPad was released, so why did our keyboards?” Believe it or not, I had the idea for this case 9 years ago. I was struck by the fact that this was presented as the “future of computing” but asked to accept a compromised typing experience. My goal was to create an iPad case that let you add a full-size keyboard when you wanted one, but also let you remove it when you didn’t. What is it exactly? It’s a case for your iPad and Apple Magic Keyboard. The keyboard case has an array of magnets that connect to the iPad case. The arrangement of the panels in the cover automatically adjust whether the keyboard is inside or not. It’s like having 2 cases in 1. Who is it for? Any one who likes the feel of a full-size keyboard for whatever reason (typing speed, tactile feedback, fewer typos, etc.) What’s cool about Touchtype? ✓ Magnetic tracks allow for granular angle adjustments ✓ Great for international users, since it’s possible to find an Apple Magic Keyboard with their preferred keyboard layout ✓ Also a stand for portrait mode ✓ Also protects the Apple Pencil ✓ Keyboard case makes a satisfying “click” when you re-attach it ✓ Sleek, business folio finish ✓ Patented, one-of-a-kind design ✓ James Bond would approve
What's the biggest difference between this and say the smart keyboard case?
@aaronoleary The biggest difference is that the keyboard portion is removable and the whole case adjusts to be a regular iPad case.
Great job!! 😊 I'm very proud of your amazing work. I feel this should be the best selling iPad cases out there in the market. You definitely should pitch this to Apple, they would be interested in it. Would you mind telling me:- will these work on all new ipads as well as old iPad a without magnetic touch panel. I'm hoping after these queries of mine, there would be soon selling of these on all Apple stores as well as come to India. How's the pricing?