Drip campaigns for Gmail

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Hi there! Co-founder of TouchStream and Populr ( here. TouchStream is a tool for salespeople and hustlers. Those of us who know that staying in front of our clients and prospects would mean more business, but we just don't have time to do it. Our tool will help you automatically nurture your sales funnel, so that you can stay in front of your contacts and close more deals. I'm here to answer your questions!
this looks awesome. let me in so I can try :)
@george_revutsky hi George! First step is to share your unique url we gave you with everyone you can :) We'll get you in pronto!
Double score... save time and make money... #w00t
This looks amazing. I just found it by Googling exactly what you'd expect. "drip email campaigns for my personal gmail" It looks amazing. Any way to get bumped up the list? social shares? :)
Pumped to try this out!