TouchBar for your old MacBook

Use Touch Bar on an iPad through USB connection

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James Futhey — UX Designer
Nice technical demo. Without looking at the code, A sweet idea would be to combine this with Duet Display. @rahulda1 ?
Rahul Dewan — Engineer
@futhey Definitely had a few people ask about it. But I wonder how many would actually use it (only seems worth it/ergonomic if you are using the iPad as your primary display)
James Futhey — UX Designer
@rahulda1 Understandable, might be wise to hold off until one can be sure the feature takes off :)
Ahmad Awais — Full Stack WordPress Dev & UI/UX Guy!
I fail to see a macbook there? What am I missing?
Jesse Dhillon — Permanently embarrassed thousandaire.
@mrahmadawais the ipad is acting as the touch bar for the Mac in the background
Ahmad Awais — Full Stack WordPress Dev & UI/UX Guy!
@jarvvski the title is misleading :(
Thomas Burgess — Student
@mrahmadawais @jarvvski It would work for a Macbook, that's just not what he used for the demo.
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